How To Transfer Money

pay bills online

Transfer Funds Your Way

Paying bills, transferring money between your banks (external transfers), and electronically paying people (People Pay) can all be found under the Pay and Transfer tab of Provident State Banks’s consumer online banking. To enroll with PSB, simply select the service, review the disclosure, and mark that you have read and fully agree to the terms. 

pay bills online

Bill Pay

Here you can discover how to pay your bills online. Once you agree to the terms, you can begin bill pay immediately by adding your payees. You can also set up recurring payments or one-time payments. For more information on how to pay your bills with Bill Pay, contact your local PSB branch.

pay bills online

People Pay 

Sending electronic payments to others can be done immediately as well. You can send money to someone via text or email — it will send them a link to claim the funds. You can send funds directly to their account if you know their account number or via PayPal.

pay bills online

External Transfer

External Transfers take a few days to set up completely. You will be prompted to enter your account information for the other institution, and verification transactions will be sent. Three transactions of small amounts (2 credits and 1 debit — so the net transaction is 0) will be sent to the external account, once received log back into online banking, and enter the amounts. After verification is completed, you can seamlessly transfer between your PSB account and your other institution(s). You can also schedule recurring transfers using this tool. Transferring money out to another institution incurs a $2.00 fee. However, transferring money into your PSB account is free! 

Make Bill Paying Easier

Discover how to pay your bills online, send money electronically, and externally transfer funds by using our consumer online banking. Once you are logged into your account, select the Pay and Transfer tab and take advantage of these opportunities.

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