Contactless Paying Methods

Have you considered a new, safe, and contactless way of paying? If you own a smart device, whether it be a smartphone or a smartwatch, the staff at Provident State Bank suggests this fun and efficient way of exchanging currency, and there are numerous benefits as to why you should join in. Since your wrist or palm almost always affords access to your smart device, we believe this is the easiest way to pay in stores, in apps, on websites, and to send and receive money. This secure and evolutionary technology is easy to set up and provides industry-leading security. Various contactless paying methods include Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay™, Garmin Pay™, LG Pay, and Samsung Pay, and are as simple as sending a message. Our professional staff at PSB have researched these modern contactless paying methods to learn about diverse approaches, and help you discover which one works best for your active lifestyle. 

Your financial protection is our top priority. Each of these innovative contactless paying methods are entrusted resources that do not store or share your card number with merchants. Instead, a unique encrypted number is designated for your complete security. Contactless pay is awesome for business owners as well. Your customers, too, are prospering with contactless payment. This speedy, cashless, and cardless way to trade provides peace of mind so that your schedule moves onward in a time-efficient manner. All you need is the device you use every day to pay and be on your way. Browse through our useful resources to discover the numerous contactless paying methods available at PSB. We gladly await to answer any questions you may have about this exciting and convenient solution!