Lot Loans in Maryland

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They say it isn’t possible to have your cake and eat it, too, but Provident State Bank knows that saying isn’t always 100% true. Customers on the hunt for a new home in the perfect location can build the life they’ve always imagined when opting for a lot loan in Maryland or Delaware. Lot loans enable buyers to select the plot of land they will eventually build upon by offering financing for their purchase based on annual income and a satisfactory credit score of 720 or higher. Take a look below to learn more.



Personalized Financing

Buyers choosing one of the Provident State Bank locations for their home financing needs can start applying for a lot loan in Maryland by choosing from three various loan types:

Raw Lot Loan

A Raw Lot Loan might be right for you if:

You hope to purchase undeveloped land.
You have an excellent credit score.
You plan to put up to 20% down.


Unimproved Lot Loan

Obtain an unimproved lot loan in Maryland or Delaware if you:

Wish to purchase raw land with some improvements such as basic utilities, including access to running water and electricity.
Plan to put down up to 20%.
Have a high credit score.


Improved Lot Loan

Apply for an Improved Lot Loan in Maryland or Delaware if you:

Hope to build on land that is developed and has access to roads, water, electricity, and other essential amenities.
Buyers going this route should plan to spend more when compared to other undeveloped lands because of immediate access to existing amenities.

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Plan the home of your dreams by applying for a lot loan in Maryland or Delaware at Provident State Bank.

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